At the 12th Conference of the Association for Neuro-Metabolic Disorders held in Ann Arbor MI on Oct. 17, 1992, the mother of a child with PKU, Karen Riggle, told of her experience traveling to England and living there for several months. She learned problems can be encountered when taking formula from one country to another.

Medical foods can be confiscated by custom officials or subjected to a high value tax or customs duty. To ship medical foods, you need someone to receive them and they could still be confiscated. (The Parmar family from England, who attended our Symposium last year had their formula confiscated by US customs. It caused some very uneasy times for them.)

Karen solved her problem with the help of Ross Laboratories, who supply Maximaid XP, the formula she uses. Since it is made in Liverpool, England, arrangements were made to have it supplied more directly. She needed a prescription from her doctor because the same brand name formula was a little different in that country. They learned it was easier to take low protein foods with them even though they were available in England.

It is wise to plan ahead to avoid problems at customs. Check with your medical professionals for help with formula and special foods.


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