I was feeling fortunate that Jordan hadn't been exposed to chicken pox. About that time big brother Tyler broke out with them. He was very sick, including a fever and poor appetite for four days.

I couldn't imagine how Jordan's levels were going to stay somewhat normal if his experience was anything like Tyler's. I called my pediatrician, who promptly called in a prescription for Zovirax. She said that the medication would lessen the fever and other symptoms. She was hopeful that Jordan would be able to get by with a few trips to the ER for IV fluids. That sounded good to me, because I was feeling as though I might as well pack my bags for a few days at Children's Hospital. I also called a few trusty MSUD moms for some insight, which proved helpful.

As the end of the incubation period grew nearer, I checked Jordan frequently for the dreaded spots. He understood that the chicken pox might affect his levels, but he wasn't concerned.

Monday, March 6, I noticed the first few spots. I immediately went to the pharmacy to pick up the Zovirax prescription, as it is most effective if started in the first 24 hours. The next day, Jordan had a low grade temperature, but was eating and drinking well. Dr. Allen had asked that I check Jordan's urine DNPH twice a day. I also did a finger stick and sent it to Dr. Allen.

Days two, three, four, and five went without incident. Jordan's appetite wasn't affected at all. He could drink all of his formula and I decreased his daily leucine intake only slightly. He had no further fevers and minimal spots from the pox. His urine DNPH remained negative and leucine levels remained 1.0 to 1.6 mg/% (his normal range).

Unfortunately, I had wasted energy worrying about Jordan's bout with chicken pox for no reason. Anna Marie, Jordan's dietitian thought that it might be helpful for others to learn about our positive experience. I feel that the medicine, Zoviraz, careful monitoring, and a few prayers from friends allowed for the best experience possible.


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