After listening to Christine Trahms, the dietitian who spoke at this summer's Symposium, I became motivated to include Jordan (age 5) more in the management of his diet. I started by encouraging Jordan to report what he had for a snack and how much he had eaten while playing at the neighbors. He'd proudly run home and announce "I had 2 pretzel sticks and apple juice."

When I pick him up from preschool, he's eager to report exactly what he's eaten, also. (I still do rely on the supervising adults to report specifics, however.)

While older brother, Tyler, is at school, Jordan and I play school at home. He's learning to read the number of grams of protein from nutrition labels. I place several different cans or boxes of food in front of him and he finds the nutrition label and reads the number of grams of protein. He then decides if he can have "as much as he wants," "a little," or "none" of the food by the amount of protein. He loves to play the "protein game" and I end up emptying the cupboards and drawers before we are done.

We have a lot of fun, and it's been a positive learning experience. It has given his self-esteem a big boost!


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