Welcome to the 2018 MSUD Symposim in Pittsburgh, PA
Sandy Bulcher, RN, MSUD Symposium Coordinator.

Uncovering the Metabolic and Nutrient Sensing Dysfunction in MSUD
Arvind Ramanathan, PhD, Buck Institute

Medical Management of MSUD
Nicholas Ah Mew MD, Children's National Health System.

NBS MSUD Connect Patient Registry
Rani Singh PhD, RD, Emory University. Aileen Kenneson-Adams, PhD, Emory University.

Genetic Therapies For MSUD
James Wilson, MD, PhD, UPenn Orphan Disease Center.

Using Patient-Derived Cells to Discover New Treatments for MSUD
Brian Wamhoff, PhD, HemoShear Therapeutics.

Gene Editing and Cell Transplantation for the Treatment of Liver Disease
Steven Strom, PhD, Karolinska Institute.

Nutrition Management of MSUD
Rani Singh PhD, RD, Emory University.

MSUD Teen and Adult Panel
Teens and adults discuss life with MSUD during a Q&A discussion.

MSUD Professional Panel
Dr. Ah Mew, Dr. Singh, and Dr. Bjoraker discuss life with MSUD and treatment for MSUD in a Q&A format.

Advocacy for the MSUD Community
Dr. Karen Reznik Dolins, EdD, RD, CSSD, CDN

Advocacy for the MSUD Community
Chad Farquharson.

MSUD Cooking Demonstration
Chef Neil, Vitaflo International.

Good Morning Peyton
The story of how a town comes together to support a young man with a rare disease.