At Symposium '98, the children loved Uncle Henry's low protein pretzels. These great, special Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels are stone-hearth baked, hand twisted, regular-sized pretzels. Mrs. Glen (Brenda) Wenger, the mother of two girls with MSUD, developed the recipe and worked long and hard to help the company start making the low protein pretzels.

Since all the equipment has to be thoroughly cleaned to run a batch of these pretzels, they are made only when orders total 100 lbs. You may have to wait a week or two for your order to be filled, but then they are always shipped fresh. The demand has increased considerably since the pretzels were mentioned in the PKU News and many persons with PKU are ordering them by the case. So they are being made more frequently. Leucine is 12 mg/oz. and protein is .13 g/oz. Each pretzel weighs about 18 gm or a little more than 1/2 oz.

Delicious regular pretzels are also available. If you order enough pretzels to fill a case, you can reduce the shipping costs. It pays to fill out your order with regular pretzels if you just want to order a few low protein pretzels to try. Expect some breakage in shipment. The low protein pretzels break easily because they do not contain gluten.

The cost of low protein pretzels (prices subject to change):
  • 8 oz. bag is $1.85 9 (8 oz.) bags/case is $16.65.
  • 11 oz. bag is $2.20 6 (11 oz.) bags/case is $13.20.
  • 2 lb. bag is $6.20 2 (2 lb.) bags/case is $12.40.
Shipping costs $5.00 to $6.25 depending on the order and destination. If order is only 1 or 2 bags, shipping cost is $7.50. For orders outside the continental U. S., call the office number below.

Order forms available:
  • Uncle Henry's Pretzel Bakery
  • P.O. Box 219
  • Bowmansville, PA 17507

Phone: 717-445-4690
Fax: 717-445-8334
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web site:


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