Those of you who read our newsletter and visit our website know that research is a major focus of our organization. We have provided financial support for various research studies throughout the years. Typically, researchers have approached us with requests for projects which they feel will help identify improved treatments for MSUD. If the board and our medical advisors agree, we provide the support.

The Strom laboratory at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has pioneered the use of cellular therapy to treat liver disease, first with the transplantation of human liver cells to correct liver disease and later in the development of a stem cell from human placenta that functions as a liver cell when transplanted. Both of those endeavours continue in the laboratory.

Acer is working closely with key opinion leaders and patient advocacy groups to provide a compelling treatment option for patients with MSUD and urea cycle defects (UCD).

New treatments are greatly needed to improve the quality of life for people with maple syrup urine disease (MSUD). In order for progress to be made, however, we need to really understand how the disease works and identify opportunities to disrupt and correct the faulty metabolic process of MSUD.

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