My name is Amy Jones. My husband Dean and I have a 6 year-old son, Derek. He was diagnosed with MSUD at 12 days old. We live in Barberton, Ohio. It's just a little town south of Cleveland and Akron. One of those cities where everyone knows everyone and their business. But we don't mind that. We love it here.

In 2005, we decided that we wanted to get a little more involved in searching for a cure for MSUD. We thought that if we held a fundraiser, maybe we would be able to raise some money to help with research projects that we had recently learned about that were going on. For our first annual MSUD Family Support Group Fundraiser, we had a Reverse Raffle at our local Moose Lodge here in town. We advertised in our local newspaper and hung flyers in grocery stores, our library, our relatives' places of employment and more. We had a slow start, but once the word got out about what we were doing and why, we quickly sold all of our tickets and had to turn people away. That year we were able to raise $4600! Pretty good for our first time!

Our second year, we were approached by a group of classic car collectors here in town, The Magic City Cruisers. They wanted to hold a benefit car show in Derek's name and have all of the proceeds go to the MSUD Family Support Group. We actually did this 2 years in a row. We raised a total of about $4,000.00 with these 2 events. Just this past year, October 2008, we thought that we would try yet one more type of fundraiser. We opted for a "Night at the Races". Wow, what a great time! Once again, we were sold out and raised around $4000.

It's amazing what people living in a small town are willing to do when it means helping to improve the quality of life for a child.

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