The future: an object of society’s imagination, hopes, and dreams. Countless sciencefiction films have told what we as humans wish the future to be; however, for me it is not about flying space crafts or holograms, but merely a quest for luscious treats. If I had the ability to travel through time, I would venture to the future in search of a cure for Maple Syrup Urine Disease, a rare metabolic disorder, which ravages my life, and strangles my ability to eat those luscious treats.

Over the years, I have watched a myriad of people gulp down shakes, plunge into Dairy Queen Blizzards, and gorge themselves on chocolate. With limited enzyme activity, I have not had this opportunity and it preys on my mind daily. This, of course, is why I would travel to the future; to run rampant through Steak ‘n’ Shake; to eat, sleep, and breathe Dairy Queen; and most importantly, indulge myself in the every-tasty treats from the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory.

After relishing in the aforementioned goodies, my life would be complete and I would feel as though I am on top of Mount Everest.

Until time travel is perfected, I will just have to wait outside of the ice cream shops, nibbling on broccoli, and attempting to swallow a handful of peas.

Our Story

On April 23 2015, our precious firstborn son Eliyahu Tuvia was born in Jacksonville, FL. All seemed well and we took our bundle of joy home.

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From The Chairman’s Desk

On July the 21st the MSUD Board of Directors traveled to Bethesda, Maryland for our annual Board meeting. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda.

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From The Editor

Hello to my MSUD family! The power of this family hit home this summer, when Hannah (Classic MSUD age 23 years) and I visited Israel.

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20th Annual White Horse Beach Charity Golf Tournament

On July 29, 2017 Charlie O’Rouke and his committee held the 20th Annual White Horse Beach Charity Golf Tournament.

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Indigo Charlie Mays - Variant MSUD Age 4

Meet our girl Indigo Charlie Mays. After a smooth pregnancy and delivery, she was born on July 21st, 2013 in Seattle, WA.

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MSUD Awareness Day

Now more than ever before we are hearing about National Awareness Days which are set by organizations or the government to bring attention to issues of importance.

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A Child's Life

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