Cambrooke Therapeutics continues to expand its line of delicious and nutritious low protein foods to help improve the lives of individuals with Inborn Errors of Metabolism such as MSUD. In recent months, we have a launched a fan favorite from patient events; Lynn’s Enchiladas, a low protein Mexican favorite made with Cambrooke tortillas filled with a rich cheese sauce, peppers, onions and low protein rice topped with enchilada sauce. It is very easy to prepare by just heating and serving. In addition, our Creamy Hot Cereal, which can also be mixed in with your Vilactin AA Plus, is a perfect dish for morning or even right before bed time. For those who like to be creative with savory or sweet recipes, try our new Readi-Dough, all-purpose yeast leavened dough sheets that provide a base for many baked goods. Then coming real soon to the Cambrooke low protein food family is our cream cheeses. Two types can be used in many recipes or eaten with many of our breads or crackers. Do not forget to try many of our recipes on line at that pair well with Vilactin AA Plus. Request a sample at http://www.

See you this summer in Pittsburgh at the 2018 MSUD Symposium. Stop by our table to try our great tasting formula and low protein foods and learn more about Cambrooke.