Cambrooke Therapeutics continues to grow, innovate and broaden the spectrum of products to help improve the lives of individuals with Inborn Errors of Metabolism. These new products include medical formulas for five metabolic disorders, one which is MSUD.

Cambrooke Therapeutics is the first to offer a family of ready to drink nutritionally complete formulas for inborn errors of metabolism: Vilactin AA Plus for MSUD, provides for a patient’s daily protein needs in a new format and with unique benefits.

Many amino acid ready to drink formulas for a condition like MSUD are harsh, have a high acid taste that lingers well after being consumed. Vilactin AA Plus formula overcomes this problem to provide a mild, low-acid flavor. It also contains essential fatty acids and DHA to support brain and eye development, support bone health with an optimized Bone Health Blend to help build and maintain healthy bones, aid digestive health with specially selected pre-biotic fiber, contain 20 grams protein equivalent in each convenient ready to drink carton, and have an all-natural berry flavor free of all artificial flavors and colors. Patients who drink Vilactin AA Plus will find that the formula taste great and feels milder than other readyto- drink amino acid based formulas. In addition to the taste and texture benefits, the unique low acid formulation may be gentler on digestion and oral health compared to the more highly acidic amino acid based formulas currently available. Vilactin AA Plus is convenient in a ready to drink container for all those on the go occasions and per customer request has no artificial flavor or coloring.

The low protein food line also continues to grow with five new products so far in 2015! New products include Sea Salt & Sweet Chili Tortilla chips, Cheddar Wizard (a low protein cheese dip), Pea-Not Butter (a low protein peanut butter) & Instant Soup in chicken & beef flavors- great for the colder months coming up!

For more information, to request a sample of Vilactin AA Plus, and to learn about the upcoming low-protein food discount specials, call toll-free (866) 456-9776 or visit our website at

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A Child's Life

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